Enterprise Solutions

SPYFAKE uses a technology able to counteract the phenomenon of counterfeiting that is currently being addressed by manufacturers of consumer goods with different systems, outdated as holograms or custom labels.

SPYFAKE offers a system that generates unique codes to link to the individual well. Each code, made up of thirteen figures, will be assigned to each product and applied the same on it by manufacturer or by the distribution chain.

 in order to verify the originality of the purchased goods, the consumer, once you receive the code, enters it in the appropriate web form on this site www.spyfake.it. The system, interacting with a centralized database, will indicate to the consumer, the originality of the product and may provide further guidance on the purchased goods.

every company can use, print, and disguise the codes as it sees fit, in order to avoid that the same are copied

.one of the safety systems is used to create a plate on which to print the code, scratch-type code '(special code to enable protected by Silver patina) removable media as well as the classic' scratch and win '. This way doing so, it maximized the copy protection code, getting the certainty of 'first use' that instantly protects against unauthorized uses.